Garmin compatible maps are compiled using cGPSmapper

If you would like to try your hand on compiling simple basic maps to increase your knowledge and expertise, you can freely download a freeware version of the compiler with limited functionality - remember definitely NO AUTO ROUTING.

I have seen lots of newbie questions about why self compiled maps using downloaded (free) compiler don't auto route etc!

As at Sept 2008, the latest version is Ver097b.

There are FIVE different versions of cGPSmapper each with different functionality and cost.

These are (versions and prices valid as at Sept 2008)

  1. Free version (Percuma!)
  2. Personal version (USD750)
  3. Shareware version (USD30)
  4. Pro version (USD400)
  5. Routable version (USD2,800)

The ones used at Malsingmaps and Malfreemaps obviously have auto routing capability including global indexing support (works with searching on newer Garmin units like Streetpilots, Nuvis and Zumos) and other enhance features.


Create your maps, then upload them to Mapcenter2 for compilation.

These maps are compiled once or twice a day.

Based on my previous experience; there is a first pass compilation of all mp files into img files, then a second pass compiling img files into mapsets. Others please jump in and correct this if this is no longer true.

You typically therefore have to wait at least one or two days depending on when you uploaded your source files or maps to be compiled. If you had problems during compilation, you will get a error log and the file may sometimes fail to compile depending on the type of error(s).

You will need to fix the error and re-upload the new file for the next day's compilation run.

Note that the free compilation service at Mapcenter2 uses and older version of the compiler - several versions old and have limited street searching capabilities for GPS units.

For example, if your GPS location is in Penang, you can only search for streets on the Penang map tile (not sure what it's called - NPM-R ?), you will defintely not be able to find streets on the next map tile like streets in KL or Seremban etc using maps compiled at Mapcenter2.