Garmin is a large manufacturer of consumer, aviation and marine GPS related devices, with long list of products.

Recommended models Edit

There is a long list of products on Garmin website, divided by intended main usage. The following is a short list of recommended Garmin GPS receivers models with mapping features that a new user should at least consider:

  • On the road - for automotive and motorcycles
    • Nuvi 205 or Nuvi 205W are recommended for car usage, since they also include triplog feature that is quite useful for tracking, even though it provides only "most often" instead of "1-sec" tracklogs.
    • Nuvi 880 high-end bigger screen car model, with voice-activated navigation, though at a premium price.
    • Zumo 450 more robust and waterproof for mounting on exposed motorbikes.
  • On the go - for mobile phones, PDAs and laptops
    • GPS10x blue tooth GPSr is recommended, since it can be paired with an already available mobile phones, PDAs and laptop; and can use a version of Garmin Mobile XT navigation software. All the features on the Nuvis and 60CSx, for a lower (about half the) price (not including the spare PDA).
  • On the trail - for robust outdoor usage
    • Garmin 60CSx tried and tested unit, with "1-sec" tracklogs
    • Garmin Oregon new bigger touchscreen outdoor, with "1-sec" tracklogs at a premium price.
  • Onto fitness - small wrist attached for running and cycling
  • On the water - with marine features
  • In the air - with aviation features

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